The Value of Good Customer Service

Customer service can be easy – and it wins business for life.

The emails we get from customers can be really informative sometimes. People often ask the same questions which indicate the areas of the print industry that the man on the street struggles most to understand. One chap wanted to purchase some banner printing, but thought that all printing of this nature is now done using templates! It was a pleasure to explain to him that digital printing companies often have in-house designers that are happy to design exactly to your specification, and that this was still pretty common in the industry. He was delighted to hear that he wouldn’t have to fiddle around with an on-line design website, as most customers are!

Another customer, auraprint had got a price from our website for some flyer printing and then called to place the order after getting their ‘quote’. While most companies are happy to do this, I did explain to her that she could actually order and pay online at the prices shown – online printing to the rest of us! She was amazed by this and insisted that she go away and try it out for herself. After doing this successfully she called to say how easy she had found it, and that she would definitely be doing it again in the future. Just goes to show that in this world of e-commerce not everyone has a full understanding of what is really possible given a computer and an internet connection.

Another customer phoned us up regarding the printing of a trade show banner stand. He’d seen the online cost and the shipping cost, but refused to believe that such a large item could be shipped for the same cost as a few printed labels. I explained to him that most business customers of Parcelforce (or whoever) get a standard price for one shipped item – be it small or large – and thus this pricing was carried over onto the shipping costs of the work that we sell online.

That’s three common misconceptions that I was happy to dispel. Each time I do this there’s a very good chance that I’m gaining trust and winning and excellent customer for life. You should do it too! Seriously, these people are just crying out for a level of service that will make them purchase and it’s really really easy to give it to them. Just be patient, explain how it works and guide them through the process. They can be your customer for life.