Keats House’s Beautiful Grounds

Keats_House_500The current grounds at Keats House, where Bright Star was set (but not filmed), is maintained to the strictest standard. The grounds are mowed weekly when in season with the best of the best electric lawn mower to reduce emissions, reduce running cost and reduce noise levels for the visiting tourists.

You can see the state of the lawns in the off season in the picture right. Notice how there are some patches of dirt and unhealthy lawn? Well, that’s in the winter and that’s not bad lawn for winter in England.

Anyways, the keeping of the Keats House is taken seriously as he was a brilliant poet, as the movie depicts. If you ever get a chance to visit Hampstead London.

And just to elaborate on the first paragraph – an electric mower doesn’t require maintenance because it has much fewer moving parts than a internal combustion engine gas powered mower and therefore is much cheaper running cost. Also, the grounds are quite small so a ride-on mower is not needed.

Further details on visiting Keats House here.